Jean Long ( 段嘵真 ) 是加拿大知名畫家,擁有30年的繪畫教授經驗。她曾參與加拿大和國際許多大型聚會的藝術創作,Jean Long 的作品充滿了神的啟示和恩膏。


一位以色列的先知這樣評價 Jean Long 的創作:”這些作品是在全能的創造主隱密處領受啟示,充滿彌賽亞的恩膏;烈火般的榮耀,天國奧秘, 聖潔言語並中國式的表達顯現在每張畫作裡。這是上帝的心意在榮耀河流裡發出的聲響。

Jean Long is a famous Canadian artist, She teaching art in Vancouver over 30 years .Jean long has been involved in many major Canadian and international gatherings with her paintings, her artworks is full of God’s revelation and anointing.
Jean Long used to intimacy with the Lord through worshiping and painting, from this life style experiencing love, hearty, inspiration and revelation of the Father.
She not only good at painting, she was a great mentor teacher, she let each student freely to unleash their creative talent and experience of joy and confidence.
Over the years, she enjoy and used the gift of God in prophetic paintings, create of a series of paintings express revelation in Father’s heart which is named “Let the painting speak”; The Lord used her paintings to bless many people of God.
A prophet of Israel, commented Jean Long’s paintings:” These artworks are receive revelation in the secret place of the Almighty Creator, filled anointing of Bezalel; Fire glory and open heaven in her paintings include the Holy language and Chinese. The massage of the Kingdom revealed in each painting where this is God’s hear, Chinese style Expression in the glory of the sounds rivers.

Artist Jean Long resides in Vancouver, BC Canada with her husband and two sons.